3 Reasons Why Rehab Didn’t Worked For You

Celebrities enter and exit rehab like hotels, but this is the norm for many addicts. Some people have to undergo multiple rehab treatments in order to recover and ditch drugs. Rehab is a multiple episodes story when the first time something went wrong. There are many things which can prevent a treatment to be successful and here are the most common of them.

You don’t understand the concept

Addiction and rehab are two common words, yet few people actually know what they mean and fully understand them. Long term use of drugs leads to both permanent and temporarily changes in the brain. These changes are hard to undo, which means the treatment can take more than 3 months. There is not shortcut to sober life, so you just have to have patience and wait until you are cured.

Many addicts and their families think of rehab as a fast forward solution. At the same time, insurance companies treat this condition as an acute one. This is the recipe for disappointment, as addiction is a chronic illness, so it should be seen as such. The treatment doesn’t end after 90 days; it never ends, as recovery is a life-time process.

Not the right center

There are hundreds of rehab centers in the country, each one with its specific approach to addiction. Many centers still rely on old methods, which are less effective against addiction. Unqualified staff is another problem among rehab centers, as addicts often suffer from medical conditions and psychiatric conditions which need to be treated by specialists. The lack of specialized personnel and outdated treatment methods leads to relapses in patients.

Even with the right staff and modern techniques, the rehab center might not be a fit for the patient, who is unable to adapt to the lifestyle provided by that center. This can lead to a failure, but you can always find a new center, which fits you better.

The addict is not ready to change

Sometimes the rehab center is the right now, the treatment is the right one, but it still fails. This can happen because the addict is not ready to change. It can take more than one attempt to recover and sometimes the individual is not determined to do it just yet. If they don’t want to recover, not one can help them, even if it helps to be exposed to the recovery lifestyle nurtured in rehab centers.

Having the wrong network is just as dangerous. Many addicts keep in touch with their drug addicted friends, which is the sure way to have a relapse. After leaving rehab, you will need your friends’ support, but choose to hang out with sober ones. Avoid returning to a drug-rich environment, where the temptation is greater.

Relapses and failures are part of daily life, so don’t let them beat you. If your rehab time wasn’t successful, just get back in the saddle and try again! The only way to get sober is the rehab, so don’t give up!

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