5 Main Causes of Lower Back Ache

Recent studies suggest that almost 80 percent of the people between the ages of 30 to 60 experiences lower back ache at some point of time or the other with the degree of pain varying from person to person. Such a pain can be quite distressing if it occurs on a daily basis and may also prevent an individual from leading a normal life where he can perform his daily activities and lead a healthy life. In order to understand lower back ache, we first need to understand its causes in detail.

Incorrect posture

Sitting or working with an incorrect or poor posture can lead to lower back ache in no time. People who slouch down on their couches or sofas, lean on something when standing or hunch back when driving their car can easily fall prey to lower back ache as all these are signs of incorrect posture. This is the reason why doctors suggest that we should always own a proper posture while sitting, standing or doing anything to prevent any complications in the future.

Picking up heavy weight

If an individual indulges in a job which requires him or her to pick up lots of heavy weight items on a regular basis, chances are it might result in lower back ache which may be difficult to cure. If you feel that the weight you need to lift or walk with is extremely heavy, you should consider taking some help from people near you.


Spondylosis has been found to be yet another common cause for lower back ache in many individuals. The intervertebral discs reduce in volume and moisture as we age, also reducing the height of the disc. After this happens, if the individual hurts himself, it may cause swelling in the lower back area and pressurize the nerves extremely resulting in lower back ache.

Bacterial infection

The back can fall prey to a nasty bacterial infection if the bacteria present in the body enter the spine via the bloodstream. If this happens, it can affect the spinal cord, discs and also the bones giving way to lower back ache from the very first day. Infections can find their way to a person’s body by means of drugs, surgeries or exposure to unhygienic environment without the individual knowing about it.

Injuries or fractures

Sometimes accidents of any sort may result in an injury or fractures in the lower back portion resulting in ache or pain in the same area. If this happens, a person may be advised to take complete rest till the pain subsides and the injury or fracture is healed. The individual may also be restrained from performing any strenuous activities during this time.

If one understands the root cause of his or her lower back ache then it might become easier to cure the same rapidly. It is always advisable to take the help of a medical practitioner as he will be able to guide you in the best possible manner.

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