3 Tips to Choosing the Right Recumbent Bike in Sydney

Recumbent bikes in Sydney are gaining in popularity, as much for their health benefits, as for the sheer fun of riding these bikes. But how can you be certain that the recumbent bike you choose is right for you? It’s a mistake assuming that there is a one-size-fits-all solution for recumbent bikes Sydney offers. Each person has individual needs and likes to consider. For example, an injury might require you to choose one type of bike, while another person who will mostly ride in urban environments will need another model. Different people need different bikes. Here’s how to choose the right recumbent bike to suit your needs.

  1. The seating. Seats come in many shapes and sizes. That’s a very good thing, since people come in all shapes and sizes as well. The trick is to match your anatomy with the seat that best matches. Seats can recline or position you to be more upright. The more upright you are, the more pressure there is on your backside, which may cause problems on longer rides. We encourage you to sit down on every model you’re considering buying to see which one “feels” right.
  2. Height and weight.Your height and weight will dictate the type of model you choose. If you’re shorter, you’ll find that bikes with a smaller front wheel are easier to ride. Taller rides are more likely to be able to ride any type of recumbent bike. If, however, you have poor circulation in your legs or are overweight, you’ll likely want a long wheelbase. Sportier bikes, on the other hand, typically have a shorter wheelbase.
  3. You don’t want to forget about the price. Recumbent bikes are typically more expensive than upright bikes and are not currently available in mass-models like you’d find at department stores. You may be able to find recumbent bikes for as low as $500, but keep in mind that these models are typically heavier, and ideal for the casual rider. If you’re an avid rider, prepare to spend several thousand dollars for your bike.

No matter what type of recumbent bike you choose in Sydney, be sure you do the research and test ride as many models as you can. Many people in Sydney looking for the best in recumbent bikes turn to Fitness Equipment King. See their inventory of bikes online atfitnessequipmentking.com.au.

Top Tips For Buying Your Own Exercise Equipment

For some people, the cost of a gym membership just cannot be justified; even more so if you cannot get there everyday. If this describes your situation, purchasing exercise equipment for your home could be a good solution. Before forking out hundreds or even thousands of dollars, however, it is important to ensure that you are looking at equipment that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Debunking the Advertisements

Whilst exercise equipment is a great way to get in shape, it is important to note that this will only occur if you use it regularly. There are plenty of television and online advertisements out there that promise quick and easy results, which is just not a reality. Look out for these sorts of claims:

  • “It’s quick, easy and effortless!”
    The truth is that there is no such thing as a no-work, no-sweat way to achieving a fit, healthy body. In order to benefit from exercise (in the way of weight loss and toning, for example), you have to do the work.
  • “We promise to fix your problem areas!”
    Whilst promises of losing your spare tire or melting fat from your hips and thighs do make the advertisements sound tempting, it is important to note that spot reduction (losing weight in a specific area) takes regular exercise that works the whole body.
  • “Check out these before-and-after photos!”
    The people in these photographs may, in fact, be satisfied customers, but their experiences may not reflect the results of most customers. And don’t even get us started on celebrity endorsements – these also offer no proof that the equipment will work as claimed.

Before you Purchase

Now that you know to look at advertisements with a sceptical and savvy eye, you are ready to go out and make your purchase. Before handing over any money, however, it is important to follow a few handy tips to ensure that you choose the right exercise equipment for your needs:

  • Begin working out!
    Never expect the purchase of equipment to change habits that are already ingrained in your person. If you aren’t active already, now is a good time to start. After all, your exercise gear is more likely to sit around gathering dust than to help you loose weight or tone up if you aren’t ready.
  • Find the right items!
    Before making a purchase, it is often recommended that you give the equipment a test drive to ensure it is right for you. If the retailer won’t let you do this, find a local gym. This is also a good time to begin reading reviews about the exercise gear.
  • Find the right price!
    If you’ve found a company that advertises “three easy payments of only $49.95” make sure you break out the calculator and figure out what you are actually going to pay (don’t forget shipping or delivery charges!). It is also recommended that you shop around.

If you have decided that a gym membership is not for you but personal exercise equipment is, we hope that you will take note of all the tips and hints we have outlined above. The team at Xtreme Fitness want to make the purchase of this equipment as easy as possible, as well as ensuring that you have found the right gear for your needs and that you will actually use it.

The Importance of Adding Various Nutritional Supplements to Diet

These days, with the growing popularity of the inexpensive and fast processed food items, people often struggle to get the essential nutrients that are really important in maintaining a healthy body. This is the reason why the dietary supplements are getting huge popularity over other industries. But often most of us really become very confused of that these supplements Canada offer. In our daily life, we need six essential nutrients on a daily basis. These include: carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats, water and minerals. The best source of all these nutrients is the balanced and healthy diet that can be obtained from the whole and fresh foods with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.


But in a number of cases, even after having a healthy diet, people miss some essential nutrients. This is the place where we need the health supplements Canada. While taken in a proper manner, these supplements can help a lot in maintaining a healthy body.


Different types of health supplements and their roles:

  • Healthy fats: It is one of the most important health supplements that everybody should add in the diet. Often people say that fat is not good for health. But this is not completely true. The good fat does a lot for the health like performing the key functions of the eyes, lungs and brain or building the cell membranes. Besides, fat also plays a great role in maintaining the health of the hair and the skin. But it doesn’t mean that you should add loads of fat in your diet. In order to get the benefits, you should add it like the health supplements Canada.


  • Multivitamins: One of the essential supplements that one should add in the diet is the multivitamin. The multivitamins include various types of essential minerals and vitamins that are difficult to get through the diet. But the importance of the multi vitamins can’t be ignored. Some of the major benefits offered by these health supplements Canada are that they can provide more energy, can make the bones stronger and can boost the immune system.


  • Protein: It is another great dietary supplement to take. It is considered to be the main factor of the body in maintaining the bone, muscle, skin and the other tissues. The protein supplements are mainly available in the forms of shakes and powders and these help in recovering the body from exercise and in repairing the muscles.

5 Important Tips to Consider Before Buying The Exercise Equipment Online

Everyone wants to get fit, and in an ideal situation would want to hit the gym religiously every day. However, not everyone can actually afford the time to go to the gym and undergo a rigorous exercise regimen. This is where home exercise equipment can help. Home exercise equipment, when used regularly, can be a great way to get in shape and develop a healthy lifestyle right at home.

Home exercise equipment is a very good alternative for those who find gym memberships too expensive or time-consuming. However, before you spend money buying equipment online, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right equipment. You have to avoid the hype and shop for equipment that is suitable for your budget and lifestyle. Here are five important tips to help you out:

1. Only buy the equipment that you are interested in using
When you are buying exercise equipment online, it has to be right for you to be a good investment. For instance, a treadmill is a good choice if you like running or walking, and stationary or recumbent bikes are good for those who like cycling. If you are unsure about your favorite fitness activity or are new to a fitness program, an elliptical machine is a good neutral choice. Now, you cannot take a test of the machine when you are buying it online, so the next best option is to try it out at a local gym that has the same machine. You can also try them at a retail store, recreation center, friend’s home, or any other location so long as the model is the same and you are allowed to try it.

You should also spend some time reading online and offline reviews about the equipment. Check fitness magazines and consumer forums for a professional look and the customers’ experience with the product. Based on the information you find, you can assess whether the equipment can be used for fitness training, whether it is increasing flexibility or endurance, building strength, or just general health improvement. Since this is the internet, take user and professional reviews with a pinch of salt.

2. See if you are comfortable with the product
Once you test the product, you can judge whether it feels right, meets your expectations of stability, quietness, and so on, and whether it is safe. Some machines may be less intuitive to use than others, which is why a hands-on test is so important.

3. Get home exercise equipment that gives you as detailed information as possible
You may want a machine that offers different types of feedback and programming options. These feedback measurements and programming actions help improve your workout routine and give you an idea of how far you have reached to meet your goal.

4. The quality of products has to be good
Fitness equipment is used quite roughly, which is why it is so important to buy good-quality equipment backed by a long and comprehensive warranty. You need to make sure that the equipment you buy will stand to the workout you plan on it, which is why warranties and repair and replacement policies need to be carefully read and assessed.

5. The after-sales service has to be prompt and satisfactory
You need a strong repair and customer service for your home exercise equipment, considering their size and complexity and the frequency of usage they go through. To make things easier, it is best to choose companies that offer local repair services.

Author Bio: Derek Langley is a freelance writer interested in writing articles for health related topics. Most often he writes articles for fitness, body building and exercise equipments.