3 Tips to Choosing the Right Recumbent Bike in Sydney

Recumbent bikes in Sydney are gaining in popularity, as much for their health benefits, as for the sheer fun of riding these bikes. But how can you be certain that the recumbent bike you choose is right for you? It’s a mistake assuming that there is a one-size-fits-all solution for recumbent bikes Sydney offers. Each person has individual needs and likes to consider. For example, an injury might require you to choose one type of bike, while another person who will mostly ride in urban environments will need another model. Different people need different bikes. Here’s how to choose the right recumbent bike to suit your needs.

  1. The seating. Seats come in many shapes and sizes. That’s a very good thing, since people come in all shapes and sizes as well. The trick is to match your anatomy with the seat that best matches. Seats can recline or position you to be more upright. The more upright you are, the more pressure there is on your backside, which may cause problems on longer rides. We encourage you to sit down on every model you’re considering buying to see which one “feels” right.
  2. Height and weight.Your height and weight will dictate the type of model you choose. If you’re shorter, you’ll find that bikes with a smaller front wheel are easier to ride. Taller rides are more likely to be able to ride any type of recumbent bike. If, however, you have poor circulation in your legs or are overweight, you’ll likely want a long wheelbase. Sportier bikes, on the other hand, typically have a shorter wheelbase.
  3. You don’t want to forget about the price. Recumbent bikes are typically more expensive than upright bikes and are not currently available in mass-models like you’d find at department stores. You may be able to find recumbent bikes for as low as $500, but keep in mind that these models are typically heavier, and ideal for the casual rider. If you’re an avid rider, prepare to spend several thousand dollars for your bike.

No matter what type of recumbent bike you choose in Sydney, be sure you do the research and test ride as many models as you can. Many people in Sydney looking for the best in recumbent bikes turn to Fitness Equipment King. See their inventory of bikes online atfitnessequipmentking.com.au.