How to Fit Running into a Busy Schedule

Most of us would agree, life is fast. We are either on schedule for work, family or social agendas – and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to fit in your training and running needs into the mix. At Running On the Wall, we have many demands on our time, and are always trying to find new ways to work our schedules to get the most out of each day. Here are are few suggestions for ways to stay consistent with your training and running schedule, even when other demands in life are crowding your timelines.

  1. Prioritize

It’s amazing what happens when we prioritize our schedules. We often waste minutes, hours and days because we are spending more time than we realize on less important things, for example watching t.v., surfing the internet or spending time on a hobby. That is not to say we shouldn’t allow breathing room in our day for relaxing, or adding in time to spare here and there, but it is key to get the basics done. We need to work, take care of our families and ourselves – which includes physical activity that leads to a healthy life. If we think of our training and running as an essential, and we prioritize it as such, it WILL happen.


  1. Be Flexible

Often, things come up during the day that might disrupt our schedule. A child is sick, we get called in to work overtime, car repairs, a long wait in the grocery line … whatever it might be, we may need to shift our running schedule. It might mean running at the end of the day if we miss our early morning run. It may even mean an evening run on our home treadmill instead of the outdoor run we had planned. The important thing is to not give up because our day schedule took an unexpected turn. Stay flexible, and try to find solutions to make our training happen.

  1. Plan to Train While Travelling

Travelling, for business or pleasure can often throw off our training schedule. However, if we keep our running schedule in mind even before we book our travel plans, we can try to ensure we either have running equipment where we plan to stay, or have sourced out a local area to run that is safe. Travel does not need to mean an extended break from our training.

  1. Remember Your Goal

Having race bibs medal displays that shows how hard you have worked and trained is not easy. It will take sacrifice, and might mean cutting out of the party early the night before so you can stay on track for your early morning run the next day – but keep your goal in mind. Without a firm commitment to reaching your goal, it is more like a dream. Dreams rarely come true, but goals do!

So get your planner out, schedule your training regime today! At Running On the Wall, we know that running is the best way to live, and even with a busy schedule – every day you run is worth it!