Eating Breakfast to Prevent Sumo Size Weight Gain

Do you know that sumo wrestlers have a rigid training plan like most athletes? One of the training techniques for turning regular size boys into sumo wrestler is by not eating breakfast. Do you skip breakfast in the morning?

Not eating breakfast = sumo size

The sumo wrestler training plan consists of waking early, not eating breakfast, and exercising for about five hours. After five hours of strenuous exercise on an empty stomach, they take a shower and eat a huge meal consisting of a protein rich stew, rice, and a few beers or sake. After this huge meal, they sleep for several hours and wake to have dinner. Within two hours of having dinner, the sumo wrestlers get ready for bed. They continued this rigid training plan year after year and eventually reach an astounding 400-700 pounds.

By not eating breakfast and exercising strenuously, the sumo wrestlers are starving by the time their first meal roll around. Is it surprising that they overeat during this meal?

Eat breakfast = weight loss

When you eat is just as important as how much you’re eating. Your body burns the most calories when you are most active. If you do not fuel your body first thing in the morning by eating breakfast, your body goes into starvation mode and will compensate by making sure you overeat during your next several meals.

In a study of 3000 people who have lost 70+ pounds and are able to keep the weight loss off for six years, 96% are eating breakfast every morning.

By “breaking your fast” each morning, you are spreading your caloric intake a little more evenly throughout the day.

Do not sleep after eating!

Most of us to not sleep after eating breakfast in the morning. But neither is it a good idea to sleep right after a meal like the sumo wrestlers do. Your body is in healing and repair mode when you are sleeping. While sleeping your body are producing hormones and storing excess calories in your fat cells. If you sleep immediately after a meal, instead of giving your body a chance to burn off the calories you just ate, you are telling your body go ahead and store the calories.

Years of not eating breakfast and storing excess calories by napping after the meal can lead to sumo size weight gain.


Eat Healthy to Stay Healthy

People all over the world try to lose weight all the time. They try drastic diets, pills and they overload their bodies. In this way they will only damage their health not stay healthy. The best way to lose weight is by combining diet with exercise. Many people have a sedentary lifestyle and that leads to obesity, heart, kidney and liver failure.

It is not possible to lose weight fast if you want to stay healthy. You will have to follow a diet and wait for the changes. If you decide to take a lot of pills or exercise all day long the effect will never show. Taking small steps is the best way possible.

One f the first steps to weight loss is considered to be a healthy diet. If you cut off all the aliments in your life and decide to eat only carrots until you reach your ideal weight you could not be more wrong. The best way to start a diet would be by going to a nutritionist. He will give you weight loss advice and will also create a special diet for your body.

People who look and feel good are the ones that have a balanced diet. They do not starve and they do not eat too much. They combine the foods and drinks. It is said that one glass of red wine each and every day after dinner will make you feel better and will keep you away from heart problems. No nutritionist will tell you that is not good to drink alcohol, but you do not have to exaggerate. One to two glasses would be more than enough.

When people say that you have to eat the same diet every day they do not mean eat the same thing, but eat the same food categories. Avoid mincemeat and start using the grill more. Do not eat deep fried foods and eat at least one vegetable and one fruit every day.
You will get all the nutrients your body needs only by combining ingredients. Do not be afraid to add fruits to your dishes, they are used in many cuisines and they have a lot of vitamins your body needs. If you want tips and tricks about food and dieting you should search more online, on plandiet you will find man recipes that will make you bite your tongue.

You can take your diet advices from your best friend but keep in mind that your bodies do not react in the same way and you might get in weight while following the same diet. A doctor will tell you what your body needs and what you have to cut off from your diet.
Health is not something you want to play with and so is food. Food is one of the things that is keeping us alive and we are using it to destroy our bodies.

If you have good diet habits you will have a happy long life, so eat healthy to stay healthy!