Why Should you Drink Lemon Water and Honey?

Lemon water and honey has been quite famous in the health circle because of its health benefits. It is also taken early in the morning on an empty stomach as it is believed to be one of the very effective fat loss drinks. Here is why it is gaining grounds in the health circle.

  1. Detox

A glass of lemon and honey water taken after waking up can make you prepared and energised for the rest of the day. It cleanses your body from the inside and gets rid of the toxins and this is why it makes up for a healthy choice. With so many pollutants and chemicals that we are exposed to in our day to day life, it is necessary to cleanse our body on a regular basis. It is easier with this drink as lemon and honey are easily available in the kitchen.

  • Good for Digestion

Being properly hydrated is good for digestion and so lemon and honey water is good alternative for people who find water too bland a drink. Also, according to some studies, honey water increases the bile secretion which makes breaking down of food materials easy for the body.

  • Clear Skin

Our skin, especially our face is exposed to a lot of pollutants and the heat of the sun can also be quite harmful. Switching to honey water during the day can be really effective as the antioxidants found in lemon can neutralize the free radicals and also help with clearing up the acne by getting rid of excess oil. Honey has also been linked to satiating the body’s sugar needs and sugar has been related to growing acne. So switching to honey can curb our sugar cravings and thus lead to a healthier skin. So not only does it detoxify the skin, hydrate it but also help in getting rid of acne and clearing it up.

  • Weight loss

Drinking lemon and honey water can help with weight loss. As honey helps with curbing the sugar cravings, it can make up for a very healthy choice, especially for people who love eating processed sugar food items. According to some studies, drinking it can make you feel more satiated, increase your metabolism and also help you shed that stubborn weight.

Dual Recovery Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders

In America, mental health and substance abuse affect a large portion of the population. 8.9 million Americans are living with a co-occurring condition, with only 7.4% receiving the appropriate treatment. Substance abuse and mental illness are commonly treated independently from one another; however, these conditions often exist in relation to the other and need to be treated accordingly. Many substance abuse programs lack the holistic approach needed to treat patients suffering from drug abuse and mental illness. Rehab facilities and centers should look at implementing dual recovery programs in their curriculum or recovery pathway.

What are Dual Recovery Programs?

Dual recovery programs are based on a holistic treatment approach to creating long-lasting wellness.  Dual recovery examines and acknowledges the interconnectedness of drug abuse and mental illness and treats both these conditions using a variety of methods. Patients that enter a dual recovery program receive a dual diagnosis of co-occurring disorders.

Co-occurring Disorders and Dual Diagnosis

Co-occurring disorder and dual diagnosis describe individuals that have two conditions co-existing at the same time. In Mental health, this commonly refers to those that have mental illness and a substance abuse disorder. When substance and psychiatric disorders co-exist, their severity may differ or be affected by the other condition. For example, substances are often used to self-treat mental illness, which causes substance abuse to increase over time.

Challenges of Dual Diagnosis

Diagnosing co-occurring conditions can be difficult. There are many ways that mental illness and substance abuse interact and affect one another, which makes pinpointing symptoms specific to each condition a challenge.

Dual Recovery: An Integrated Approach

Dual recovery is based on using an integrated and holistic approach to treating co-occurring conditions. The conditions are addressed and treated separately in a single location; the program acknowledges that without treatment and recovery of mental illness, efforts to treat addiction will be ineffective. A dual recovery program recognizes that treatment of these disorders is complex and that treatment plans need to be individualized for long-lasting wellness.

Dual Recovery Treatment Methods

Dual recovery treatment begins with a clinical assessment. The results of this clinical assessment serve as the foundation from which a unique and individualized treatment plan is designed. Because co-occurring conditions can affect the psychological, physical, and emotional state of people affected, treatment is often long and draws on a variety of methods.

Treatment methods utilized in dual recovery include:

  • Appointments and meetings with psychiatrists who perform a clinical assessment, provide a diagnosis and prescribe medications.
  • Sessions with therapists who provide the skills and tactics for avoiding and handling triggers.
  • Holistic treatments that include, nutritional counseling, meditation, yoga, and other exercises that focus on the mind, body, spirit connection.
  • Post-rehab support

Mental health and addiction treatments are often isolated from one another. The traditional separated systems of care are insufficient for providing long-lasting wellness. Programs that utilize an integrated approach and individualized treatment plan must replace traditional systems. Dual recovery programs offer a great resource for holistically treating mental illness and addiction. Those struggling with co-occurring conditions can benefit from the treatment methods used in a dual recovery program.  

Is Yerba Mate Acidic And Where Does It Fall On The pH Scale?

The short answer to your question is it has a classification of being an alkaline beverage according to some sources. Yet other sources say it falls in between. Neither version means it’s not acidic at all. It’s less acidic than coffee, and it has less caffeine than coffee, too. Yet there are people who drink this herbal tea and talk about how it does cause acid reflux and/or heartburn. That’s the complete answer, and so it might vary according to the individual and also the amount of tea consumed.

Remember that acidity is measured on the pH scale, and the numbers go from 1 to 14. The higher the number, the more alkaline the beverage. You also want to know that there are different varieties of yerba mate. Each of them can feature a different level of acidity, and one source claims that the acidity only varies on the pH scale from about 6 to 7. That would appear to verify the claim that this tea falls in the middle of the scale.

That still leaves room to say that yerba is again less acidic than coffee. Do you know the acidity of coffee? It is a 4.7 on the scale, roundabouts, and on average. Remember that a lower number, not a higher number, means the beverage is more acidic. What you might also like to know is that some people say that it is a great substitute for coffee.

Well, let’s just say that as a coffee drinker, I drink lots of the beverage. I have seen a list of possible negative side effects of mate, and I wouldn’t want to drink it as often as I do coffee. Yet I would be open to drinking it on occasion. It makes me wonder what the side effects of drinking coffee are when you consume it on a regular basis.

One thing for sure is that you know the answer to your question now about the acidity of this herbal tea. It’s not the most acidic beverage by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not entirely alkaline either. If you plan to drink it on occasion, then you’re avoiding the extra acidity for the most part. Yet your acid intake has to do with other beverages you drink in combination with the tea, as well as the foods you eat.

You definitely want to try and maintain a more alkaline diet. Yet it’s hard to keep track of all of that, wouldn’t you say? That’s why it can be good to know when introducing new beverages and foods where those beverages and foods fall on the pH scale. In this case, you know that yerba-mate herbal tea falls right smack dab in the middle.

In some cases, the varieties can be a 6 or close to it, meaning it tips the scale towards more acidic than more alkaline. Yet a 6 or a 7 is still in the middle of a scale that ranges from 1 to 14. It would be hard to classify yerba as alkaline, but you will actually see that mentioned sometimes. Now you know the facts about the numbers, and that can help you make a decision.

What is the acidity of the other beverages you drink? You know if you drink soda, it is a very acidic beverage. You know now where coffee falls on the pH scale, too. You know my recommendation is not to substitute it for coffee, but that’s because there are listed side effects for the herbal tea that are disconcerting. Albeit, those side effects are in relation to prolonged consumption of the beverage. Try it at your own risk from https://www.Amazon.com.

You have to consider the fact that people in certain South American countries drink this tea quite often. And in America, you know how popular soda and coffee are. There are definitely risks to drinking too much soda and coffee. Make your own decision about this tea, and it helps knowing more about the beverage before you decide whether or not to give it a try. If you do, why not drink it the traditional way?

Reasons to Enter a Rehab Facility

Reasons to Enter a Rehab FacilityHave you been looking for a facility that offers drug addiction treatment Utah? If this is the case, there are many outstanding places that you can choose to get the treatment you need. However, you might not have decided that you need to get help for your problem. There are many warning signs that you can look for. Knowing when to get help with kicking your addiction can literally save your life. In many cases, you will not be able to do it alone. You will require the assistance of trained professionals who have been assisting addicts like you for many years. Here are some of the most common reasons you should check yourself into a rehab facility as soon as possible.

1. Your health will eventually start to get much worse if you abuse drugs or alcohol long enough.You must never forget that drugs and alcohol are poisons. Therefore, they will eventually start to take a toll on your body if you keep using them for an extended period of time. Have you experienced any rapid weight loss? Are you feeling tired and weak all the time? Have you been hospitalized on multiple occasions recently as a direct result of your drug or alcohol abuse? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should seek the help offered by a rehab facility right away.

2. Frequent reprimands at work when you never had any before are a sure indicator that your substance abuse problem is out of control.It is common for people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol to encounter problems at their job. It might take a while for this to occur because there are many people who can hide their addiction from their employer and coworkers. However, it is only a matter of time until the facade they have carefully constructed will begin to crack. At that point, their addiction will be exposed to everyone. You might have a job that you love. However, you have become undependable. You forget to perform tasks that your boss gives to you. You forget to attend important meetings. You have been late numerous times. It is only a matter of time until you do not show up for work at all. All it will take is a few unexcused absences to ruin everything you have worked so hard to achieve in your career. Go to a facility that offers substance abuse treatment if you feel that your job is at risk because of your addiction.

3. Relationship difficulties are something that many substance abusers deal with on a daily basis.Abusing drugs and alcohol will often cause a person’s behavior to change in a very big way. This will eventually result in arguments with the addict’s significant other. It can be a tough thing to watch the person you love and care about most descend into drug or alcohol addiction. There will come a point when your significant other can no longer tolerate the way you are throwing your life away. He or she might have already left you. If so, going to rehab might be the only way that you will be able to successfully repair your relationship. Having a parent who is addicted to drugs and alcohol can be especially difficult for children to deal with. The sober parent will often remove the kids from the home if the addict’s behavior becomes too erratic. Seeking treatment at a rehab facility can help to preserve your relationship with your children.

4. Legal problems usually follow people who use alcohol and drugs on a regular basis.People who drink all the time will eventually get behind the wheel of a car. When this happens, disaster often follows. You might kill or injure yourself or innocent bystanders if you are driving drunk. There are also very serious legal consequences for people who get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while they are intoxicated. You could lose your driver’s license, get of huge fine or get sent to prison. Drug addicts will need to find a way to pay for their very expensive habit. This usually involves stealing things that they can sell. Needless to say, this never has a good ending.

5. Depression is very common for drug and alcohol abusers.Do you feel very depressed all the time? Are you thinking about suicide? If so, you are not alone. You can get help for your problems at a rehab facility. There is no reason for you to go through every day feeling depressed.

How to Have an Environmentally-Friendly Period?

The number of period products that we throw away can be quite worrying. The worst thing is that they only end up filling land-fills, polluting the environment. We also can’t leave out the chemicals that can hamper the health of our skin. It only takes a small step to change the way you have your period. It is just like taking your own bag to the grocery store or using a reusable coffee cup. But it makes a real impact.

Here are a few period protection products you can use to have an environmental-friendly period:

Reusable Pads

There are two parts in reusable pads. The base that you fasten across the crotch of the panties and the removable inserts that you keep changing throughout the day. They come with different pad absorbencies that you can choose from depending on your requirement. For very light periods there is also the option of buying panty liners.

Period Panties

Many companies around the world have started creating panties with thin reusable pads that are built into the crotch. All you need to do is put on the panties and change the pad whenever it feels full. The pads are surprisingly absorbent and can be selected based on the flow. The best part is that they are very easy to clean and don’t smell bad. Although expensive when compared to disposable pads, these can provide great value for money since they can be used for several years.

Green Pads

If you are looking out for disposable pads that are environmental-friendly, you can go for brands that make use of natural ingredients and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes while making pads. Apart from being easy to use and dispose, these pads are also comfortable and healthy on the skin.

Sea Sponges

If you love tampons sea sponges could be your period protection product. They can be inserted into the vagina directly just like a tampon. Once every three hours they need to be taken out, washed and re-inserted. Grown in ocean, they are all-natural and biodegradable. They can last for about 90 days to one year. So you don’t have to throw them away too often. Not only are they eco-friendly, they are also less leaky and more comfortable than traditional tampons.

Reusable Tampons

Like reusable pads there are also reusable tampons. They can be sewn, crocheted or knitted using a strong, absorbent material. They can be inserted, removed, soaked and washed easily. Many companies are still to offer them commercially.

The Menstrual Cup

The most environmental-friendly of all options, menstrual cup is something that you can wear overnight. Leak-proof and hassle-free, a menstrual cup will have to be changed only a couple of times a day. A properly cared menstrual cup can last for about a decade. You can visit reusablemenstrualcup.com home page for more information on this.

It doesn’t matter which method you choose at the end of the day. The decisions that you make about your period products should make you feel in control. It should also align with your values and keep you worry-free.

Artisanal Salts

Once upon a time, commercial salt was just sodium chloride fortified with iodine. All that has changed in the last decade, however, since artisanal salts began hitting the American market. Artisanal salts, which are also known as gourmet salts or finishing salts, showcase menus in exclusive restaurants and are increasingly found in the pantries of food-savvy consumers. Spice companies in Florida are well ahead of the artisanal salt curve.

What Are the Top Gourmet Salts?

Artisanal salts come in a variety of colors and textures. Here’s a look a look at some of the more popular finishing salts.

• Fleur de Sel: Aficionados swear that Fleur de Sel salt tastes ever so slightly of violets. This salt is harvested from evaporating seawater and derives its name from the floral spiral patterns that form on the seawater crust. Fleur de Sal has been prized as a medicine since the times of ancient Greece. Today, however, it’s chiefly used as a garnish. Most of the world’s supplies of Fleur de Sel salt come from France.

• Himalayan salt: Himalayan salt does not actually come from the Himalayas; rather it is mined from salt deposits in Pakistan’s Punjab region. It is said that these salt deposits were first discovered by Alexander the Great’s troops when their horses used the deposits as a salt lick. Himalayan salt owes its distinctive pink color to the presence of trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. It can be used like ordinary table salt for cooking and preserving.

• La Baleine: La Baleine is a white crystalline sea salt that’s produced in the Provence region of France. In France, it’s considered as essential a spice as freshly ground black pepper. This gourmet salt is manufactured through the evaporation of Mediterranean sea water.

• Alaea salt: Alaea salt originates in Hawaii and derives its distinctive reddish-brown hue from particles of volcanic clay, which are rich in iron oxides. It has been used by native Hawaiians since long before the arrival of the first Europeans. Connoisseurs say that Alaea salt has less of a bite than other types of salt.

Mindfulness 101: Strategies That Promote Holistic Health

“Mindfulness” is a term that has become increasingly primary in the vocabulary of millions of people around the world. The rise of mindfulness results from many factors, including an increasing awareness of the role that the human mind can play in helping people cultivate mental and physical well-being. Below you’ll find just three of many mindfulness strategies you can begin utilizing to realize this objective:

1. Start Keeping A Diary.

One great way to make mindfulness a real thing in your daily life is by keeping a diary. This technique is empowering because it enables individuals to think critically about things like experiences that hurt their feelings or made them happy. Also note that keeping a diary can be the key to helping people think more creatively, with this process being linked to mental health. With this idea in mind, consider the value of journaling for fifteen minutes on your lunch break or right before you go to bed. To get optimal results with this technique, it may be helpful to journal upon rising, on your lunch break, and right before you go to bed so that you’ll be in tune with your own thoughts and emotions throughout the course of the day.

2. Exercise Regularly.

In addition to keeping a diary, make sure that you start exercising regularly. This technique is helpful because it empowers individuals to get in tune with their bodies. The increased body awareness that results from exercising regularly can have multiple positive outcomes on an individual, and one is boosted self-esteem. Also note that exercising regularly can generate multiple great health outcomes like enhanced immunity, better breathing, clearer thinking, and improved self-esteem. If you’re looking for information and guidance regarding how to exercise properly, know that there are many options available to you. One of them is the business website for SmartSquat. Visit their website now to gain key insights regarding things like the
benefits of squats.

3. Meditate In The Morning.

One final mindfulness strategy that individuals can implement for the purpose of leading healthier lives is by meditating in the morning. This strategy works because it empowers individuals to clear their minds and consciously direct their thoughts so they are thinking in a positive, productive manner. Note that there are hundreds and hundreds of distinct meditation modalities, some of which include the mantra and breath-based meditation. Note that each form of meditation will bring distinct benefits. For example, the breath-based meditation modality empowers individuals to improve the efficacy of their respiratory systems.


Once you realize that health is a physical and mental reality that you want to cultivate in your life, it’s time to start thinking about which lifestyle patterns you need to change so that you can become increasingly healthy. Three techniques that can work wonders for you are outlined above. Experiment with one, two, or all three of these techniques so that you can begin to lead the incredible life that you deserve to have!

The War On Fat

Believe it or not, America is at war with fat. In almost all of its forms, the people of this great country have been led to believe that their number one health enemy is fat. In reality, this is not as simple or true as we have been taught.

It has been a long time now, since the good old days of post-World War II era America, that some research seemed t suggest that certain types of fats can actually lead to coronary heart disease. It wasn’t long after that groups like the American Heart Association and even the United States Senate began declaring saturated fats a big no-no.

Since the 1960s, Americans have been told that a diet high in carbohydrates from sources such as fruits and vegetables are the way to go, but the food industry has had its way with us. Now, the market is flooded with low-fat foods that are high carbs that more often than not come from sugars. In recent years, studies have actually come out to help prove that fats in general but specifically saturated fats are not the enemies of good heart health.

There is some hope for us, thanks to the hard-working advocates for healthy living. There are a number of smart advocates that are actually working to educate people on healthier ways of eating that can be delicious, as well. Investigative journalists like Nina Teicholz have begun tearing apart the so-called evidence for a low-fat, high-carb diet for years now.

They have uncovered hard truths and sounds facts based on scientific evidence that it seems the food industry does not want you to see. One of the most startling discoveries is how this government-sponsored dietary guideline was actually causing a massive sugar addiction problem. This is what has helped usher in an era of obesity that we now find ourselves in.

To help further their cause, Nina Teicholz and crew are shining a light on studies that actually prove low-carb and high-fat diets are healthier. A 2010 study published on Oxford Academic shows no significant evidence to prove that saturated fat actually promotes poor heart health. A separate study conducted over the course of seven years again showed that a diet low in carbs yet high in healthy fat led to better weight loss and cardiovascular health.

It seems we have been misled for a long time. Now is the time to take our health into our hands and see the proof for ourselves. The research is there and hard-working advocates are pushing for us to learn the truth about our food. It may be time to listen to them if we want to live happy and healthy lives.

Three Health Techniques That Can Optimize Your Life

It’s no secret that being healthy can improve every area of your life. However, most people don’t take the time to consistently implement health strategies that will empower them to feel good, look great, and optimize their level of productivity in the personal and professional settings. If you know that putting together solid health strategies is the key to attaining these outcomes, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find just three of many wellness strategies you can deploy to remain on track to getting and remaining healthy:

1. Start Each Morning With Mindfulness Techniques.

One of the best ways to get your health journey underway is by starting each morning with mindfulness techniques. These techniques will assist you with the process of keeping your mind grounded and positive as you begin your day. This ensures that you’re beginning your day on the right foot. One mindfulness technique that many people swear by is keeping a gratitude journal. By writing down the things you are grateful for every morning, you cultivate a positive mindset while simultaneously training your mind to think about the types of people, activities, and objects that you should gravitate towards to maintain a sense of sustained joy and peace.

2. Optimize Your Eating Habits.

In addition to starting each morning with mindfulness techniques, make sure that you begin to optimize your eating habits. Doing so will help decrease your susceptibility of acquiring unwanted diseases by boosting your immunity. Consistently eating the right foods can also jumpstart your body’s ability to shed excess weight or keep you at your ideal weight. Some of the other benefits that result from consistently eating well include attaining clearer skin, mood stability, and higher energy levels. Some of the foods that can help generate these outcomes include tomatoes, bananas, oranges, spinach, and kale. In addition to eating nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables such as these, tap into the power of periodically consuming healthy fats like almonds and avocados. You can also attain assistance with the nutritional optimization process by using products offered by companies such as Le-Vel Thrive. Learn more about the Thrive Experience and how the companies products have helped other women so you can decide whether this nutritional line would be ideal for you.

3. Access The Power Of Creating Routines.

One final technique that you can deploy to get and remain healthy is accessing the power of creating routines. Although operating in an organic, unplanned way can be exciting and dynamic, it’s equally important to establish structure if you’re serious about realizing goals or making substantive changes in your life. One aspect of your health journey that warrants creating a routine is your exercise plan. By planning which days you’ll exercise and what you’ll do on those days in advance, you decrease your likelihood of skipping your workouts and thereby missing out on all of the wonderful health benefits that result from attaining regular physical activity.


Three health strategies that can optimize your level of positivity and productivity are outlined above. Start using these techniques immediately so that you can attain the level of mental and physical well-being necessary to promote success and satisfaction in all areas of life!

When to Take a Sleep Supplement

Proper sleep is important because it restores energy and increases focus. However, the process of getting enough sleep throughout the night in order to recharge isn’t easy, as many things can impact sleep patterns. Although there are many ways to fall asleep faster, certain things must be considered before changing key daily habits that can impact how well you’ll sleep. If you want to sleep longer, natural supplements by Accutrition are practical options. In order to determine the best time to take these supplements, you must consider a few important your symptoms.

Intense Insomnia

When you continue to struggle at night after changing your behavior patterns, a natural supplement can help you get rid of the severe insomnia. If you take a sleep supplement, you’ll have no problems tackling daily activities, sports, errands, and other tasks because the components that are used to make this kind of supplement promote a healthy night of sleep.

Minor Insomnia

During situations when you have short-term insomnia, a proper supplement can provide practical results by eliminating the stress that affects sleep patterns. Short-term insomnia happens after frequent work schedule changes and following long flights that cause jet lag.

Natural supplements that are designed to treat short-term insomnia are effective because they reduce anxiety, which is a major problem that causes short-term sleep problems. Many sleep supplements also treat health issues and psychological problems that make the process of sleeping challenging.

Strategies for Taking Sleep Supplements

Although sleep supplements can help you sleep more peacefully, you must follow certain steps in order to get consistent results. Modern supplements can’t replace proper sleep habits, so you must build a solid foundation for different supplements by implementing strategic procedures to ensure healthy sleep practices. This means that you’ll need to develop a solid plan for sleep hygiene and use solutions that treat cognitive behaviors. In many cases, people who are suffering from insomnia combine behavior treatments and medical solutions in order to successfully manage all insomnia symptoms. If you’re going to use a combination of treatments frequently, you must take supplements during the early phase of the treatment process. Then, you should rely on behavioral solutions at the peak of the treatment phase, as behavioral techniques are effective long-term solutions.

Health supplements and practical daily routines can help you sleep soundly. However, before you take any supplements for insomnia, you must consult a doctor.