Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insoles are designed for individuals with acute foot problems such as Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, or diabetes. The insoles are not created to be a cure for the medical problem but aid in providing relief from pain as well as straightening structural defects.

In order to purchase orthotic insoles, you will need a recommendation from your doctor so the insole will be made to help with your specific health issue. Every insole is designed to fit the natural curves and proportions of your foot while providing the exact support your feet need.

In many cases, orthotic insoles are designed for people that are suffering from over suppination or over pronation. All this means is that your foot will roll outward or inward making the curve of your foot stiff as it hits the ground when you take a step.

To obtain orthotic insoles you will need your podiatrist to diagnosis your foot or ankle problem. Once the problem has been diagnosed, your physician will be able to order the insoles.

If you are wondering if the pain you are having in your feet or ankles is due to a problem that may be corrected by orthotic insoles, then you should visit your doctor to diagnosis your problem. You may be surprised that the insoles can provide you with relief from pain from your feet all the way to your lower back; however, you must remember that the insoles are not a cure. Visit your doctor and learn more about what is causing the pain instead of purchasing inserts at a local store that are not designed with your medical issues in mind. As a matter of fact, these inserts may cause you more trouble than before since they are designed for your feet.