When to seek guidance of doctors in Wilson disease

In the year 1912, British neurologist Samuel Alexander Kinnier Wilson discovered an abnormal case of copper storage in human tissues. He analyzed the disease and explained that it was occurred due to auto recessive genetic disorder. If a child cell inherits the genetic characteristic of the parent cell, which are located in the non-sex chromosomes of human cell, then that kind of inheritance is termed as Auto Recessive nature. After Wilson’s name, this disease was named Wilson’s disease. It was seen for years that this disease can result into drastic situations like neurological disorder or liver dysfunction. According to research, as this disease is Autosomal recessive type, it only gets activated when a newborn gets this recessive gene from both the parents. As it ends up causing fatal errors in the body, Wilson disease treatment is required to those who are suffering from it.   Continue reading When to seek guidance of doctors in Wilson disease