Exercise to Overcome Addiction

The link between exercise and better overall health is firmly established, and today doctors often encourage patients to incorporate physical activities in the treatment of many medical conditions. The link between exercise and mental health is also well-known but is often overlooked anyway. The connection between mental health and physical health goes both ways: When a person feels stress, the body experiences physical fatigue and wear-and-tear. When a body is healthy and fit, the person experiences elevated moods. Part of the reason for this is the production of endorphins during exercise.

The Link Between Exercise and Well-being

Some facts about this relationship are clear:

  • Aerobic exercise reduces tension, improves sleep, and increases self-esteem.
  • Just five minutes of exercise stimulates anti-anxiety changes in the body.
  • A 10-minute walk could lead to several hours of relief from a depressed mood.
  • Exercise stimulates processes in the brain that increase the ability to deal with stress.
  • Physically active people show lower levels of anxiety than sedentary people.

With plenty of research to back up the idea that exercise, or basically any regular physical activity, can powerfully affect a person’s mood and overall well-being, it isn’t surprising that many therapists recommend exercise as part of their therapy and treatment.

Treating Depression With Exercise

For some clients, therapists have found that regular exercise is as effective as medication in treating the symptoms of depression. This doesn’t mean people should quit taking their medications, but it should encourage them to add twenty minutes to an hour of activity in their daily routines. As with all types of therapy, exercise may be more effective for one person than for another.

Physical Healing and Repair

For those clients who have the added issues of drug or alcohol dependency, regular exercise is an important tool for repairing the physical and emotional damage the body has experienced. Many medications, both prescription and illegal, affect the body’s systems, including a person’s ability to be satisfied or happy. Exercise may improve and repair the body’s systems, including brain chemistry.

Exercise as an Element of Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a chronic condition. The substances involved affect the structure of the brain and lead to many unhealthy behaviors. While working to overcome these conditions, individuals need to develop new habits to replace the behaviors that support substance abuse. One very positive option is exercise (or physical activity.)

As already discussed, this new behavior has benefits including repair to brain chemistry, improved sleep and mood, and improvements in overall well-being. However, regular physical activities provide several other vital advantages, including distractions from cravings and reductions of other medical conditions that exacerbate addictions.

Health care providers and therapists are using treatment methods that combine exercise with other recovery practices. For example, the addict 2 athlete program focuses on balance in areas such as health, recreation, diet, and exercise, eliminating and replacing addictive attributes with “things of greater value.”

Exercise Is For Everyone

Anyone, with or without an addiction to face, should add exercise to their daily routine. From taking a short walk during lunch to training to compete in an athletic event, daily exercise has long term benefits. For those who are working to change their current lifestyle, adding a few minutes of physical activity to each day could significantly improve their chances.

Is Your Child’s Backpack Too Heavy?

When it’s time to go to school we often see small kids carrying large backpacks, which almost put them down with their weight. It might be cute to see a little student with a large backpack, but if the bag is too heavy, your child might suffer frequent back pain, which leads to more severe musculoskeletal issues in the future. According to doctors from Tel HaShomer‘s biggest hospital, carrying an overload can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain and can alter the normal curve of the child’s spine.

Check out how frequent they complain

If your child is complaining about back or neck pain during school weeks, but is completely fine during school breaks you should be thinking to ease their overload. To do this you need to start by weighting the backpack when it is fully loaded with a typical day’s essentials.

The backpack should weight about 10% of the child’s weight and up to 15%, but it is best to stick closer to 10%. For example, if your child weights 60 pounds, they should carry around 6 pounds.

Apart from weighting the backpack you can look at how the child carries it. If they lean forward or sideways it is a sign they are struggling with it. How your child goes to school should also be considered. If they walk to school or spend a lot of time waiting for the bus, they might have a bigger issue than a child who is taking the car or bus to school, spending most of the time sitting.

Choose the right backpack

Choosing the right backpack for your child can ease their burden, distributing the weight evenly, on their shoulders. When your child spots a backpack they like, they need to try it on. Ask them to walk around and observe how the backpack sits on their back. It should fit their body contour and provide a wide contact area. A good backpack is made from a light material, so avoid choosing leather bags or bags which have their own weight. When they are stuffed with the school supplies they will be very heavy.

Also, look for backpacks with two straps. Even if the child is attracted by packs with a single strap, they put a lot of pressure on one side of the body, altering the child’s posture and leading to back pain.

How to use the backpack to avoid injuries

It might seem it’s intuitive how to use a backpack, but kids often get creative. The most important thing is carrying the backpack with both straps on. Check that the straps are even and the backpack hugs the child’s body. Teach your child to avoid carrying the bag on one shoulder only.

If the child complains about back pain for two days or so, they should get some rest and carry a lighter backpack in the future. At this moment there is nothing to worry about. However, if the pain persists and seems to get deeper, it’s time to see a spine specialist or a pediatric orthopedist. Before adolescence, a child should not suffer from back pain, nor other types of persistent pain.

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Bluetooth speakers

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Nutrition Tips That Will Help You to Feel Better Today

Have you been struggling with addiction issues? If you’ve been through Womens Drug Treatment Fort Lauderdale, you may be ready to make changes to various areas of your life. Part of recovering from addiction is learning new, healthy ways to live your life. By making the following tweaks to your diet, you’ll reap major health benefits.

1. Avoiding alcoholic beverages is one way to keep the calories down, but you still have to stay calorie-savvy when it comes to non-alcoholic beverages. Flavored seltzer is a great way to get a tasty drink without wasting calories or drinking too much sugar. You can also add a splash of low-calorie fruit juice.

2. Ask for salad dressing and sauces on the side. When you dip your food into them instead of pouring them over the top, you’ll be shocked at how much less you use. Don’t worry about sounding picky if you’re at a restaurant. You’re the one who has to live with your food choices, not your server!

3. If overeating is a problem or if it’s your way of coping with your addiction treatment, trick your brain into eating less. First, tell yourself that you’re going to eat more than you should. If you visualize eating a lot of food before you start, you could actually eat less than you intend to. When you don’t start out by limiting yourself, you don’t have a reason to overeat.

4. Put a mirror on your refrigerator. This isn’t about self-loathing, it’s just about being honest with yourself. When you have to look yourself in the eye before picking a meal or snack, you may be encouraged to make better decisions. The last thing you want to do is replace an addiction with another addiction, like one to food or eating.

5. Trying to learn about portion control? Change your dinnerware. Use smaller plates to make portions look larger. Taller, thinner glasses will help too, but making it seem like you have more beverage. By the way, these are tricks that restaurants use to make it look like they serve bigger portion sizes than they actually do! The color of your dishes matters, too. Use plates that contrast with the color of the food to limit how much you eat.

Addiction is a long process and one that is extremely complex. The best way to handle recovery is to make sure the other areas of your life are also contributing to your well-being. One thing you’re in completely control of is the food you eat.

Teach Yourself How to Meditate

Meditation is a mental discipline whereby an individual seeks to reach a deeper state of self awareness, and ultimately free their mind from the stresses of everyday life. The core aim of meditation is to be able to quiet your mind, to focus completely on the present moment, rather than dwell on the past, or concern yourself with the future. Accessing this ‘inner calm’ takes a great deal of practice, but the benefits of meditation are numerous; the practice is an effective method of reducing stress, and studies have shown meditating regularly can improve a person’s quality of life. Specialist meditation retreats exist for you to attend in a setting separated from the hustle and bustle of urban life, and research suggests spending time in these environments can actually better your health. Here is a short guide that will hopefully teach you how to meditate, and encourage you to try mindfulness meditation for yourself.

  1.    Find Some Quiet Time

In time, you will find that meditating becomes easier, and you can achieve a state of thoughtless awareness anywhere and anytime. However, to begin with, it is worth making time for yourself, and practicing in an area with minimal disturbance. Turn off household appliances that can make noise, and, if you need music to help you, opt for gentle, soothing, relaxing tunes. Early in the morning or later into the evening are the most preferable times to meditate, free from the distractions of work or school, although each individual will have their own personal preference. Don’t exhaust your mind; initially, try to avoid meditating for more than fifteen minutes per day.

  1.    Find And Maintain The Right Posture

Sitting is essential, but if you find the ground too hard or uncomfortable, try and find a large cushion or folded blanket to sit on. Do not worry if you unable to adopt a half-lotus or full lotus position: sitting with your back straight is the most important thing, to assist with your breathing. Try to tilt your pelvis forward by sitting on the front edge of your cushion, or, if you are sitting on a chair, slightly raise the back legs off the ground (no more than 10cm).  Next, stack your vertebrae – starting from the bottom – so that they are evenly balanced on top of one another; your spine should now be supporting the whole weight of your torso, neck, and head.


  1.    Relax Your Entire Body

First and foremost, relax your arms and legs. They shouldn’t affect your balance; rest them on your thighs or just let them hang… whichever feels best. Next, search your body for any parts of you that don’t feel relaxed, and make a conscious effort to relax them. This may involve adjusting your posture, especially for the muscles in your back.

  1.    Focus On Your Breathing

Listen to your breathing, follow your inhalations and exhalations, but do not think about the breathing itself. Do not make judgements on the sound or quality of your breathing, just allow your breathing to anchor and settle your mind. Count your breaths if it helps, from one to ten, and then repeat. Visualise a place that has a calming influence on you; it can be real or imaginary.

  1.    Clear Your Mind

As you practice meditation, you will discover that you learn to train your mind to focus on just one thing at a time. However, the final step in achieving the ultimate aim of meditation is to focus on nothing at all, to completely clear your mind. The best way to do this is to ‘cast away’ your thoughts, but again, like your breathing, try not to pass judgement on any thoughts, observe them but allow them to fade away, until all that remains is silence.

Meditation is not easy, and one should always remember the practice is not to be forced, or the entire principle of relaxing your mind and body is lost. Always do what works best for you, don’t be afraid to change your techniques; everyone is different.

Mindful Living with Confidence and Courage in Three Simple Steps

Many people who lack courage and self-confidence believe that these are innate qualities. However, confidence is actual a product of our inner self-talk. You can talk yourself into feeling brave and happy, or talk yourself out of these positive emotions. Because self-talk is often unconscious, people may not understand that their own mind holds the key to confidence. Through mindfulness training, you learn confidence by listening to your heart, brain and your whole self. Here are three steps to more mindful living.

1. Get in touch with your feelings. While we are taught that emotions need to be controlled and conquered, your heart actually knows what you need on a very basic level. Understanding your emotions and using them in decision-making can lead to a healing spiritual awakening and deep, lasting joy.

2. Let your brain act as filter. Your analytical side is also a valuable tool in decision-making, allowing you to discover which of your heart’s desires are possible so you can make a plan to achieve them. The brain and the heart should always work together to help you achieve self-confidence and self-love.


3. Integrate mind and spirit into knowledge of your whole self. A lack of confidence can often result from a lack of self-knowledge and self-awareness. Mindfulness teaches you to know your own mind and to use that knowledge to feel more confident and peaceful.

This kind of training requires both hard work and commitment. Unfortunately, many people are not willing to invest so much energy in themselves. For those who want to live a more mindful and fulfilling life or to experience spiritual awakening, there is support available through http://rezinate.com.au/. Rezinate offers mindfulness training that can help you to achieve wholeness and confidently face all of the challenges that life brings.

Centuries of Misinformation Have Led To the Social Stigma That Surrounds Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is one of the most ancient, beneficial, and sacred plant with medicinal values. It has stupendous healing properties that make it so popular all across the globe. Besides, it is probably the greatest reason for the rampant tourism in South America. However, there are centuries of misinformation, false beliefs, and rumors that have led to the social stigma that surrounds it.  Hence, you need to know a few facts about Ayahusaca, so that you can get your mind clear in this context.

The Incredible Impacts of Ayahuasca

It’s true that there are many beliefs for and against the use of Ayahuasca. However, there are numerous examples where people have a clarification on their misunderstanding about this amazing thing on the earth. Once you experience it, then you will be able to realize its incredible benefits.

It provides you a gateway to your subconscious. You are able to uncover the repressed traumas and memories of your past. It lets you live those past events that need amending. You face the demon inside you, and finally find the light to rediscover your true self. You learn to let go of the stale beliefs, the meaning of life, to love unconditionally, and countless insights about your own self. It has an incredible potential to heal, and you enhance your power within. You become more capable of solving your different problems.

The Scientists’ Perception about Ayahuasca

Scientists and experts believed in experimenting about this incredible gift of nature and then arrived at a conclusion. Now, you might be surprised to know what they finally concluded in this context.

In simple words, if you say, they referred to this concoction as an enhancer of the human brain’s capacity. As a matter of fact, at any given instant, your brain is capable of receiving almost two million bits of information. However, it can process only 5,000 of that information. Neurologists researched and concluded that drinking Ayahuasca can enhance that capacity by almost 300%. Now, you can well imagine as what wonders you can do with that amazing capacity of your brain.

It’s Not a Drug Of Course

At times, people mistake and think of Ayahuasca as a drug that lets you lose your conscious. However, if you give a thought, you will be able to discard this false belief without a doubt.

By the way, what do you think is the actual purpose of any drug, what is that common effect that every drug usually has? Isn’t it escaping the reality and just to achieve an illusionary sense of euphoria. This amazing concoction on the other hand inspires the presence, your self-realization, existence in this universe, and connection.

Ask any experienced person, about what he came across during his Ayahuasca ceremony. You will find that he experienced times of bliss, state of turmoil within, frequent purging, and most importantly his self-realization. Now, that definitely sounds like a medicinal effect contrary to a deadly drug effect, isn’t it.

Author’s Bio:

Stephen Tomalin writes articles about how you can bring about natural healing by participating in the Ayahuasca ceremony at the retreat centers in the Amazon. You could also visit their website to know more about natural healing.

Removing Skin Tags & Wart Treatment

Human skin can get defected by several diseases that are caused by ailments and skin contraction at any age. Acrochordan is a small tumour which grows at an overrating speed in the areas of armpits, facial areas, or neck. This tumour is domestically known as the skin tag.  The patients suffering from obesity or diabetes are more likely to get contacted by it. Chances are tags will increase in size and would get more sensitized by a minute injury or damage. So as we say precaution is better than cure, this disease has to be removed at the initial stage itself.

The treatment of radiofrequency is given to the patient to remove these skin tags. The patient is made unconscious through the use of local anaesthesia or a topical one to numb the skin area which is affected by the tumour. And by the radio frequency instruments, the tag is removed from the skin of the patient. The patient experiences minimal amount of pain during the process.

WARTS: A Highly Transmitted Disease

A virus known as the human papillomaenters the body in the area of broken skin affecting the topmost layer. This results into forming a wart. But they do go away or decrease by their own within few months or years depending on their intensity.

These warts can grow on any part of the human body and there are variations to its intensity and types.

Common warts usually grow on hands of the patients. Unfortunately, they are prone to grow on any part of the body.  Likewise, the warts known as planter grow on the soles of the feet.

Warts on the human body generate themselves in various shapes and sizes. They form a shape with rough surface with a bump or they may be frictionless and flat. The inner part of the wart is supplied with small blood vessels which are formed inside. The planter and the common warts consist of these blood vessels inside their pores and on outside they look like a dark dot.

The reasons for spreading of warts limits not only to  or through skin, but through biting or scratching vehemently due to irritation and itchiness, by putting the fingers in your mouth, chewing your nails or shaving your beard.  Warts on your body are generally painless, unless you perform the above precarious actions.

To be frank, all the above mentioned warts are in some or the other way infectious and danger prone as they can spread via contacts from one place to another.

Get Rid Of The Warts

Wart removal methods that can be done at home if you are planning for a cost effective method rather than going for radiology or cryotheraphy, curettage or laser surgery. For home treatments salicylic acid is applied on the affected area.

It is known that warts are highly infectious. It’s absolutely essential to remove them by surgery or by home methods; even if it’s not life affirming it’s utterly painful in certain conditions. Doing the correct treatment will lead to its removal and will also minimize the chances of spreading on other parts of the body.

Apply the topical cream which consists of imiquimod. It is another painless way in wart removal methodsprocess. Also chemical cautery is used for the patients in whom trichloroacetic acid is used to destroy the unwanted tissue formed on the skin. Other chemical solutions like podophyllin and cantharid in are useful in the treatment of this irritating skin demon.

A Wart happens by a virus. It can come back even after a treatment is done. However in most of the cases a patient gets cured of the disease, if he starts taking the treatment at an early stage. Do not panic because it is the question of our skin. Don’t let any warts destroy you.

How To Realize Maximum Benefits From Natural Products

Numerous benefits are obtained from natural products with the unique combinations obtained from them in an effective manner. Realizing the latest trends in the medical field too will prove to be highly beneficial in this regard due to which additional features are realized as well. The role of chemical compounds in influencing the performance of a natural product in providing ideal health is very much. Perhaps, this will help in exploring numerous features without foregoing upon the quality standards in any manner. Seeking better performance options in detail too will prove to be most effective in maintaining the desired benefits with ease.

Exploring optimum benefits from natural products collections by forming unique combinations will prove to be a great asset as far as new drug discovery is considered. Experienced health professionals are known to conduct clinical trials in an effective manner due to which organizing the perfect standards is easily possible on the whole. The production of industrial products newly in an additional manner will be helpful in obtaining all those aspects as per the requirement. Eventually, this will let you realize the desired effects upon contrasting fields because of the broader reach of the chosen products in a precise manner.

Ideal Reasons To Prefer Natural Product Collection

Taking several precautions in the case of numerous collections of natural products is very important. The taxonomical diversity could be maintained in a successful manner with the consideration of highly effective prospects in an eventual way. New drugs could be found with the inclusion of exact formulae to take care of the deteriorating health aspects in a successful manner. Instead of going through any problematic issues in this regard, it is necessary to focus upon various features without any significant problems encountered.

Microbial collection will be helpful in determining an effective drug discovery feature without going through any quality issues for sure. Pharmaceutical sector could be influenced to a greater extent with the inclusion of various drugs depending upon the health issues experienced. Modern health strategies too could be considered in an extensive manner so that the desired health prospects are represented in an ideal fashion as expected. Dealing with several such factors in an effective manner will help in obtaining all those benefits that are crucial to a maximum extent. The production of various industrial catalysts such as enzymes too could be determined in a highly effective manner.

Revolutionizing Various Industries With Best Natural Products

Huge array of natural products spreading across numerous industries in a significant manner will prove to be most effective in the long run. Maximum influence of each natural product in a highly effective way will prove to be most beneficial in several ways. For instance, the plastic industry could be greatly impacted with the natural polymers helpful in performing crucial tasks. Lasting quality is one aspect that could be realized without going through any major performance issues for sure. The process of understanding various concepts related to the natural products from a closer perspective is best realized in this regard.

Experiencing perfect quality standards in the case of food industry too is possible with natural products collections easily. The identification of adulterated products in an immediate fashion is one thing that is effectively realized without going through any complex issues. Similarly, the production of colors for fabric dye and painting needs too will be greatly advantageous to the clothing industry. Several such benefits could be realized in an effortless manner so that there will be no greater issues experienced for sure. Perhaps, this will result in getting the chosen benefits without going through any problematic issues on an overall.

5 Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditating is not only good for your mind, it is also great for your body, and everyone should try to incorporate at least one meditation session into their week in order to feel more relaxed and less stressed out. Going on meditation retreats is a brilliant way to unwind and immerse yourself in the suchness of things. Modern life moves at a fast pace, and the further technology advances, the higher our stress levels.  Did you know that we have between 50,000-80,000 thoughts a day?  Getting a handle on those thoughts so they don’t spiral out of control is key to staying focused and relaxed – it’s when they’re out of control that we feel most stressed.  Here are 5 health benefits of meditation that you may not know about; think of them as 5 reasons to try out meditation for yourself this year!

1. Meditation lowers stress hormones

The act of meditating helps your rational brain to take over from your emotional brain. This in turn lowers the production of stress hormones in your body such as cortisol and adrenaline, which leads to a feeling of relaxation.

2. Meditation relieves stress, anxiety and depression

In 47 clinical trials involving more than 3,500 patients, an improvement in mood was seen after 8 weeks amongst those who regularly meditated.  This improvement was similar to that seen in those patients on medication for anxiety or depression.  Just a few minutes spent meditating a day can help to relieve symptoms of depression and stress.

3. Meditation improves memory

During meditation, your brain beta waves are dramatically reduced, which can help to aid rapid memory recall.  The brains of those who meditate regularly are better able to screen out distractions, which allows them to remember things more easily and clearly.

4. Meditation makes you more compassionate

During meditation, it’s thought that the amygdala, the area of your brain that reacts to emotional stimuli, shows decreased activity, although when those who meditate regularly were shown pictures of people that were either good or bad, the amygdala was exceptionally responsive and they showed more compassion for people.  A study which took place in 2008 showed that people who meditated regularly showed higher levels of activation in the temporal parietal juncture of the brain (linked to empathy) when they listened to sounds of people suffering.

5. Meditation increases grey matter

Meditation has been linked to an increase in grey matter in the brain’s frontal areas and hippocampus.  This can lead to heightened focus, emotional stability and more positive emotions.  Regular meditation can also help to reduce the decline of our cognitive functions as we age!

You probably don’t need any more reasons to take up meditation, but remember that if you do decide to start meditating, start slowly.  Just a couple of minutes spend meditating every day will help to ease you into the process, and you can build up gradually.  Meditating for hours at a time is difficult to achieve and will take time and practice.  Of course, if you’re able to attend classes or guided meditation sessions, or head off on a meditative retreat, this is a great way to introduce yourself to meditating – or you could use an app or guided meditation CD in the comfort of your own home.