Some of the Best Yoga Retreats in Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful country full of fun making activities. It is a place where foreigners can always come together with their friends and get to enjoy a wonderful life full of amazing, captivating, adrenaline flowing and daring activities as they relax and enjoy the luxurious state-of-the art amenities as well as participating in healthy actions such as yoga. There are some of the top yoga retreats in Thailand which comes as a surprise and an amazing way for all visitors as well as locals to enjoy their life to the fullest. They are well managed by professionals who are well skilled and always offer the services to ensure that yoga lovers enjoy to the fullest.

Blooming Lotus Yoga

Thailand yoga retreat at Blooming Lotus Yoga have been very beneficial in helping many people and make sure that they enjoy their life to the fullest. Blooming Lotus Yoga is one of a kind retreat in Thailand that has been helping many people to enjoy this wonderful way of life. It is well famed for its world class amenities as well as indulgent therapies that simply help many to rejuvenate and relax and still enjoy the extensive menu as well as healing treatments. There are many classes for yoga lovers in the charming studios and many always get a chance to learn more about their bodies.  They also have another yoga retreat in Bali that is well-worth visiting.

Samahita Yoga Retreat

Samahita Yoga Retreat, Thailand offers many people the ability to enjoy yoga in swallow waters of the famous KohSamui. It is a renowned hidden gem located on the South Coast of this region and has a perfect environment that simply offers all that spiritual and emotional as well as complete physical connection. There are holistic activities and personal trainings geared towards improving people get to understand more about yoga. Top yoga retreat Thailand offers many a chance to actively interact and improve their bodies to the best. There are 5 perfect treats for all in this place including; Breath and Meditate, relax and restore, strength and balance, align and flow and harmonize and philosophies. They all focus on special areas and make sure that trainees become perfect and well trained.

Kamalaya Yoga Synergy and ChivaSom Yoga

Kamalaya Yoga Synergy is one of the Thailand’s familiar yoga retreats. It is also known as an award-wining yoga retreat that has the best sieves combined with wellness practices and classy trainings. It is located on an ancient cave which was inhabited by Buddhists in the ancient of times. It has wonderful spiritual air that seeks to motivate and encourage many people to actively participate and learn more about yoga. ChivaSom Yoga, Thailand is another perfect retreat that allows yoga lovers to practice on the beach side. It simply helps in calming people’s minds and offering them the right energy to remain active. There are great mediations and spiritual practices that seek to offer the people prefect trainings and make sure that they become some of the active yoga gurus. It also the perfect place to gain the best trainings in Thailand. It offers the state-of- the art trainings as well as wonderful atmosphere to focus and train actively.

The Foremost Yoga Retreat Holidays‏ of Bali

When you are ready to plan your next holiday, you need to give some thought to Bali as a destination. Visitors to Bali all say that it weaves its own spell of you and that it is not a place one will forget in a hurry. Maybe it is because it is so beautiful, maybe it is because spirituality is woven into the fabric of the culture or maybe it is because the people of Bali are amongst the friendliest on earth but a trip to this Indonesian island is the experience of a lifetime.

Bali is actually a set of islands in the Indian Ocean. Their proximity to the equator makes their climate mild and warm. It is best to go in the so-called dry season from April to September.

Travel between the islands is fairly simple but, do be warned, you need to plan your trip carefully to make sure that you do manage to see everything that you want to – there is so much to see.

Of course, you could always plan return trips – The true beauty of Bali is that it is very good value when it comes to accommodation and food.

The most difficult part of your journey is bound to be deciding what sights to see and what sights to miss out on. What is certain is that you will see a lot, even if you only choose a short holiday.


Many people opt for a Bali yoga retreat holiday the first time round so that they can get some feeling for what to do when they return the next time whilst still soaking up the magical spiritual atmosphere.

Of course, choosing the right place to stay is integral in the perfect stay – if you do not, you are going to miss out. What better place for aspiring yogis than a retreat that not only offers yoga classes but also offers training for yoga teachers as well?

Blooming Lotus Yoga was founded on the ideals of love and compassion and this is truly reflected in the way the school and retreat is run. Individual attention is a reality here – not just a buzzword to pay lip service to.

The retreat is built on the side of a mountain so that room has its own individual terrace, plunge pool and spectacular view. You can also book your own private villa if you want to.


Dinner and breakfast are healthy, delicious and vegetarian and included in your stay. You can choose between a four night, seven night and eleven night retreat, depending on how much relaxation you need.

The stays do include cultural excursions as well. You have the choice of having dinner in your room if you need a little time to reflect on the day’s sessions.
For personalized service and individual attention, guests have rated Blooming Lotus Yoga ten out of ten. It is easily the most popular yoga retreat in Bali today.

Check in to a world of peace and relaxation and check out as a whole new, relaxed you.