Yoga Breathing Exercises For Depression

Yoga is a great way to relieve from depression. I tis for everyone who are suffering with depression to let off some steam and find their inner relaxation. Yoga not only focuses the body on the task at hand, but it also tests and strengthens your flexibility and poise. Though yoga in itself is extremely relaxing and stress relieving, there are several poses that target your stress level and make you more at ease with yourself and with your body.

Before begging any yoga session, whether it’s in your own home, or at the gym with others around you, it’s very important to be in a quiet, relaxing environment. Too much noise or chaos can throw off your concentration and cause you to retain your stress and depression. Another thing many people do is light candles. If you find them relaxing you can light a few candles in the area where you will be doing yoga, and you can even play soothing music.


Child’s Pose:  This is a very simply and relaxing pose. In this pose, you start by first sitting on the ground with your legs underneath you. Then you lay forward while still sitting on your legs and stretch your arms out with your head down. It’s very important during this pose to breathe in and out slowly, and you can choose to maintain the pose for as long as you’d prefer.


Forward Bend: During this pose start by standing tall and putting your feet together. Then lean forward and try to stretch as far as you can so your hands are on the ground parallel with your feet. If you are unable to stretch this far, just do the best you can. You can choose to hold this pose for as long as you feel comfortable. Breathe in and out slowly while stretching your body. This pose is great because it releases your stress and stretches your back and your legs.


Legs up the wall: This is a fairly simple pose that only requires you and a wall to put your legs against. Start by lying down on the floor with your butt facing the wall. Next, lift your legs and place them on the wall, and move your butt as close to the wall as you can. You should be in an “L” shape if done properly. Be sure to breathe in and out at a slow pace. This pose is great for beginners and those who need to relieve depression.

Yoga is an amazing way to get relaxed if you have depression, anxiety, or just want some quiet time during your day. This meditation method is extremely popular because it is all natural, relaxing, and amazing for your mind and body.