MS and Stress-Remove Stress For Optimum Health

MS and stress appear to be closely related and indeed some doctors believe that trauma may trigger MS in susceptible people. Many people with MS have noted that there had been stressful events in their lives just before a diagnosis of MS and MS patients will also tell you that relapses appear to be brought on by stressful events.

Stress can mean different things to different people and indeed what some people get a thrill out of, others may find incredibly stressful such as riding on a motorbike or travelling in an aeroplane. It is important to examine your pattern of relapses and try to identify if they were preceded by stressful life events.

Because stress is inevitable in modern day living it is important that you try to identify in advance potential stressful events and make adjustments to either avoid them or be prepared for them. In my situation in particular my wife and I decided what tasks I would undertake around the home and she was happy to take on some of the things that were causing me stress. This reduced by exposure to stress and along with all the other adjustments in my life has had a positive effect.

When you feel under stress, the hormone cortisol interferes with the metabolism of essential fatty acids which deplete your inner resources and can precipitate the appearance of symptoms. This is because at times when you feel unable to cope your body is more likely to give abnormal or lowered immune responses, so it is important that you take MS and stress very seriously, and put in place a plan to deal with it, and if possible avoid it. Anything that potentially can bring on a relapse needs to be addressed and planned for in advance.

Removing as much stress as possible from my life was an important part of my decision to beat multiple sclerosis and it was only with the help and support of my family that I was able to do this. Some of the things that stressed me may not necessarily stress another person, but, as I said earlier one man’s thrill is another man’s stress. Changing my diet also gave me a great focus as it was something that took time and effort, but at the same time was really enjoyable because I could see the benefits after only a week or two. Being in control was a great feeling and it is important for you to realise that your diet is one of the only things that you can completely control and a proper diet will have a significant effect on your MS symptoms.

I have benefited greatly from a book which has examined the link between what we eat and multiple sclerosis. If you would like to know what foods are attacking your body, what supplements you must take and how to create the energy that you need, then this book is a must read. Reverse Multiple Sclerosis

As your natural inner balance is restored, you will begin to experience renewed energy, absence of pain and aches, and more and more of your symptoms associated to Multiple Sclerosis will disappear… These your first steps to freedom from Multiple Sclerosis medication!

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