Resentment on Time Spent Exercising and Eating Healthy

Eating healthy and exercising takes up a lot of time.  If anyone tells you that you can get healthier without changes to your lifestyle, then they are lying.  Park a few rows further away, you lose a couple of minutes walking across the parking lot (but then again, if you are idling your car in the first row waiting for an open spot, then the walking time is a wash).

A friend of mine recently lamented her lack of a social life because she seems to be spending so much time exercising or planning her healthy meals.  “I feel like all I have time for is exercise and eat dinner every night.”

That is pretty much all I have time for in the evening, except for the one night a week of bowling.  I have no idea when I stopping going out to dinner with friends on the weekdays, but I left that behind when I realize the value of getting a good night of sleep.  My husband and I still occasionally meet up with friends on the weekdays, but those are rare.

My body loves the exercise, but my mind rather do something else.  However, I am starting to let go of the resentment of needing to spend time exercising in order to stay healthy.  I put in my time during the weekdays so I am free on the weekends to do whatever I want.  And yes, that means a whole weekend of no exercise if I feel like it.

It is all about putting your time doing what you value. I don’t necessary like to spend time exercising, but I value my health.   My ipod helps me feel like I am not “missing out” when I exercise while listening to audio books.  The money I save from eating at home makes me feel like I am making progress in my financial goals.  Writing a health blog is an inexpensive hobby to keep me occupied without adopting a shopping lifestyle like so many of my fellow DINKs (double income no kids).

All this time and effort I put into exercise and healthy eating is wrapped up in my other life goals.  Once you start to see how being healthy is related to your other goals in life, it is much easier to let go of the resentment it demands on your time.

Exercise and eating healthy is like having a baby, after a while, you cannot imagine it not being part of your life. Your body becomes used to having an outlet for stress and being fueled with high octane gas.  But when you are starting out, just like pregnancy, you are uncomfortable and maybe fearful of things to come.  It is human nature to second guess and wonder about that path you left behind.  Have faith that you are where you need to be.  Even if the path leads you to a dead end, the lesson you learned getting to that dead end is what you need to know from the journey.

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