Making Fitness your Hobby – The Jack LaLanne Way

Jack LaLanne was considered by many to represent the gold standard of natural fitness. All his adult life he espoused a philosophy of health and fitness based on exercise and diet alone, shunning gimmicks and pharmaceutical enhancement. He lived to the age of 96.

Although fitness was his passion and his profession (he once set a record by towing 70 boats one mile at age 70!), he spoke to the average person who didn’t have time to pursue excellence in physical accomplishment. He wasn’t a professional athlete even though he maintained the fitness of one long past age 70.

Here are a few of his habits.

Natural foods

LaLanne often said, “If man made it, don’t eat it.” He would commonly eat only food he prepared himself from ingredients he knew. Even though he and his wife ate out almost every night, he would give explicit instructions to the chef to be sure nothing unhealthy got into his food.

It’s good to remember that diet is what you eat, not what you don’t. If people would think more about eating the right stuff instead of just avoiding bad foods, they would be healthier. That’s what Jack did.


Jack’s diet was mostly meat and vegetables. He would eat some protein at each meal and usually ate fruits early in the day and vegetables later. An active person can handle the extra sugar fruits contribute while benefiting from the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants they contain.

He was a vegetarian for many years but gradually came to the realization that he did better with a little meat and some eggs in his diet. Jack was an early disciple of Paul Bragg, a popular naturopath and advocate of fasting.

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Daily exercise

Jack LaLanne exercised every day. He believed that we don’t grow old from working too much but from exercising too little. Lack of movement leads to stiffness, pain, decreased flexibility, loss of mobility, depletion of lean body mass (muscle) and loss of calcium in the bones, or osteoporosis. All of these are the hallmarks of aging.

It’s easier to stay in shape than to get in shape. When you exercise intermittently or go on an intense program to get back in shape, you increase your chance of injury, which will keep you from exercising. Jack worked out for two hours a day, every day, but a normal person needs much less to see significant results.

Jack’s routine started at 4:00 am with an hour of weight training followed by an hour in the pool. This got exercise out of the way early so his workday was free from excuses for not working out. He ate ten raw vegetables a day and five or six pieces of fruit. He ate two meals a day with protein in both of them.

For most of us who may not have a gym and a pool in our own homes, the best solution is to find a reasonably priced fitness center which is open early and late. Check out 24 Hour Fitness prices as one example.

Refined sugar

Jack believed sugar to be the greatest threat to fitness for Americans, even worse than smoking. He attributed cutting out refined sugar at age 15, when he met Paul Bragg, to turning his life around, which until then had been characterized by severe behavioral problems (he once set his house on fire). He also avoided milk and coffee, though dairy products like protein-rich Greek yogurt and cheeses are fine for some people. It’s hard to find evidence that coffee is truly bad for people, despite its mild addictive properties


HealthEnlargement Through Push-Up Exercises

With the awareness of fitness and health of people , a lot of health clubs flow fitness equipment, fitness exercises and supplements on the market. Different forms of exercises were established to address problem areas in the body. The invention and creation of different exercises and exercise equipment were to support exercises , so this would also be effective. But before the invention of fitness equipment from various fitness companies, there are already simple exercises that have proven to be effective in the fitness program.

Such movement is the push-up , which will feature as an exercise in exercise routines and exercise in the gyms . Many athletes like Charles Atlas , Earle songs man and Jack LaLanne push – up exercise for the upper body for strength and development work preferred. Such a simple exercise is easy to do , as it can easily be carried anywhere with little space requirement. This form of exercise is effective to work the chest, shoulders , triceps, upper back , and strengthening the stomach in a single workout of push-up .

Before starting on any exercise , it is important the first 10 minutes for warm-up, the muscles so that they are kept relaxed when the actual exercise is performed consists of stretching the body to devote . Other forms of warm-up would walk , jumping jacks and jogging easily . The warm- up exercises to get the alert for the body ready for the actual exercise and it loosens up joints and muscles , and finds the proper temperature for the body before exercise .

It is also beneficial for the person to make a number of active mobile exercises . These exercises require a lot of stretching and movements . The energetic movements prepare the body for strenuous types of exercises once and give the body the warning of a physical injury that may occur .

Before performing any type of exercise especially if you just starting an exercise routine , you prepare your body for this activity. As evaluations, what type of exercise is appropriate for your body needs and extremely careful in every move that is made . Start doing push-ups through the first wall as support , rather than the bottom , so that the upper body strength is improved.

If already feel comfortable with the wall push-ups , try the real ground push-ups. This is done by staying down face on the floor with her ​​fingers on the floor with fingers spread wide clawed . The toes should be kept together. Concentrating the force on the upper body, the lower chest to the floor in an upward and downward movement so that the rest of the body and the legs straight . While doing push-ups , keep the abdominal muscles contracted and maintain normal breathing . The push-up exercise should be controlled to be the upper body stronger. The muscles that are active in this type of exercise should be worked well .

A Few Cautions With Aloe Vera Juice

When you think of aloe vera juice are a number of valuable benefits. However, it is not for everyone and can have side effects. It can also be interaction in some people. Here is more on this topic.

Aloe is a cactus like plant that grows naturally in Africa, though it is grown in many parts of the world. Instead of water, this plant comprises a gel-like substance and latex. This gel is good for the skin and has healing properties. You will find it in many high-quality skin care creams and lotions on the market.

Made by extracting juice or liquid from the leaves, and it’s made for diseases such as arthritis and constipation. It can help to lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. However, it can have side effects if you are sensitive.

Aloe vera gel may lower blood sugar levels, extremely dangerous. According to NIH few scientific studies have shown that aloe vera juice can decrease in blood sugar levels. It indicates whether it lowers blood sugar which can be extremely harmful for people sick of diabetes.

Most side effects of this product are considered rare and usually not serious. However, a few people have an allergic reaction. This can be performed by a skin rash or itching.

They can cause diarrhea or stomach cramps. In some cases it can be severe and people with digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease should exercise caution. However, these problems are usually of juices that causes not processed properly. Avoid poor quality will reduce this risk considerably.

According to UMMC, if you are pregnant, it is best to avoid this product. It may contribute to uterine contractions, and this can sometimes lead to a miscarriage. It should also be avoided if a woman is breastfeeding. It does not improve the efficacy and safety of aloe vera gel for children.

Aloe vera juice has many positive properties. This suggests that aloe vera gel may be effective in accelerating wound healing, but it is too early to come to that conclusion. A covered report shows that aloe vera juice can delay wound healing in some people. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist if you have medical problems or you presently taking prescription medications. This will help you to avoid complications or problems.

Eating Right – Balanced diet regular physical activity and life style management play a key role in prevention and control of many diseases

Diabetics Exercise Caution!

If you have diabetes , it is important to begin and maintain an exercise routine. A doctor must first rate for symptoms that could be aggravated by certain activities . It could also be a cardiac stress test .

Why Exercise ?
Exercise is part of a well-established health regimen for people with diabetes. Dr. Ronald J. Sigal , the . , The long -term trends in disease studies, reports in a 2004 article that diabetes care increased activity with longer life , improved lung function and reduced accumulation of dangerous belly fat coating the connected Sigal defines “increased activity” as equivalent effort walk briskly for about two hours and fifteen minutes per week.

Increased activity also lowers bad cholesterol , increases good cholesterol , stabilizes blood pressure, improves the effectiveness of insulin, improves mood and boosts self-confidence .

When is it safe to exercise?
Managing your blood sugar is crucial for a safe exercise plan. You should check it before , during and after your session . A test 30 minutes before you plan to start is to indicate whether exercise is safe. If your blood sugar level falls below 100mg/dL , try a piece of fresh fruit or whole grain crackers , but do not exercise until it reaches the range 100 to 250mg/dl . Blood sugar over 300mg/dl is increased too high for the exercise. Symptoms of high blood sugar ( hyperglycemia ) include: excessive thirst , frequent urination , blurred vision, and dry skin. You do not need to exercise in this case , because your blood sugar levels could escalate further . You might be able to reduce your sugar with prescribed medications . Consistent adherence to your exercise plan to lower blood sugar levels over time contribute .

During the exercise , the symptoms of hypoglycemia , a blood glucose level of 70mg/dl or lower to see . If you feel insecure , nervous, irritable or confused , if you develop a tremor of the hand , or if your skin is cold and moist, stop exercising . Take glucose, drinking four ounces of fruit juice or sugared soda, or eat several pieces of candy. Check your glucose in 15 minutes. Have another snack if necessary. Repeat the process until your blood sugar levels over 70mg/dl . You can exercise again , if your blood sugar is stable. Continue to monitor closely for several hours after you finish .

Protect your feet !
You must also take special care of your feet when you exercise. If you have reduced feeling in the toes and feet , and / or poor circulation , you are particularly vulnerable to injury and infection. It is therefore important to choose the right shoes. A protective exercise shoe has plenty of toe room, a detachable , flexible insole, a sole that cushions the ball of the foot, and a stabilizing , solid heel. Since exercise is an additional burden for the feet , you need to be vigilant for signs of injury. Have daily checks for cuts , sores , swelling, and infected nails , both before and following exercise. Wiggle your toes five minutes sessions , once before and once after training. If your feet are affected by neuropathy, try sedentary activity . Chair -based stretching and strengthening exercises increases everyday functioning , and in some cases sit exercise leads to increased activity .