The War On Fat

Believe it or not, America is at war with fat. In almost all of its forms, the people of this great country have been led to believe that their number one health enemy is fat. In reality, this is not as simple or true as we have been taught.

It has been a long time now, since the good old days of post-World War II era America, that some research seemed t suggest that certain types of fats can actually lead to coronary heart disease. It wasn’t long after that groups like the American Heart Association and even the United States Senate began declaring saturated fats a big no-no.

Since the 1960s, Americans have been told that a diet high in carbohydrates from sources such as fruits and vegetables are the way to go, but the food industry has had its way with us. Now, the market is flooded with low-fat foods that are high carbs that more often than not come from sugars. In recent years, studies have actually come out to help prove that fats in general but specifically saturated fats are not the enemies of good heart health.

There is some hope for us, thanks to the hard-working advocates for healthy living. There are a number of smart advocates that are actually working to educate people on healthier ways of eating that can be delicious, as well. Investigative journalists like Nina Teicholz have begun tearing apart the so-called evidence for a low-fat, high-carb diet for years now.

They have uncovered hard truths and sounds facts based on scientific evidence that it seems the food industry does not want you to see. One of the most startling discoveries is how this government-sponsored dietary guideline was actually causing a massive sugar addiction problem. This is what has helped usher in an era of obesity that we now find ourselves in.

To help further their cause, Nina Teicholz and crew are shining a light on studies that actually prove low-carb and high-fat diets are healthier. A 2010 study published on Oxford Academic shows no significant evidence to prove that saturated fat actually promotes poor heart health. A separate study conducted over the course of seven years again showed that a diet low in carbs yet high in healthy fat led to better weight loss and cardiovascular health.

It seems we have been misled for a long time. Now is the time to take our health into our hands and see the proof for ourselves. The research is there and hard-working advocates are pushing for us to learn the truth about our food. It may be time to listen to them if we want to live happy and healthy lives.

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