Tips for Increasing Flexibility

As you have grown older, the idea of a flexible body has probably been floating around in your mind. After all, while you once could turn from one active exercise to another with no problem at all, you may now deal with stiff limbs when awakening and a sore back after exercising. However, no matter what your age or activity level is, you can certainly increase your flexibility exponentially with the five simple tips.

Warm up First

Every workout that will work any of your major muscles should start with a full body warmup. This could be as simple as three to five minutes of walking or a minute of leg lifts and spinal twists. Warming up gets blood pumping through the muscles, which will make them looser.

Try a New Workout

If you have mainly stuck with cardio workouts or workouts that only work one or two parts of your body, try a new full-body workout that works both sides of your torso, the fronts and back of your legs and your arms and upper back. Some good options for increasing flexibility include yoga and Pilates.

Breathe with the Moves

Once you get new moves down and know you are practicing with good form, be sure to breathe with the moves. Never hold your breath. Try to breathe in when your body is extending and breathe out when your body is flexing. This will help you get deeper into your movements.

Always End with Stretching

Just as the workout began, it should also end with a good stretch. Stretch out every muscle you used, being sure to spend plenty of time in each move.

Let Injuries Heal Properly

If you have injured your body by pulling a muscle or over-extending a ligament, you will need to do more than just rest that area. You may also need to attend sports therapy nyc to improve range of motion and increase flexibility in the injured area.

You can do many flexibility exercises yourself, but you may occasionally need a professional physical therapist or chiropractor to relax your muscles and improve your overall range of motion. Remember that flexibility grows partially due to how you actively stretch your body and partially due to how you relax your muscles between workouts. Be sure to take time for both activities, and you can help your body grow old gracefully.

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